Set Default Language

Set which language your bot starts chatting in by default.

Available on:  Advanced | Pro


A default language is a language your bot starts chatting in. Think of it like the bot’s mother tongue or first language.

The default language for all new Ada bots is English. However, if most of your customers speak the same non-English language, you can set that language as your bot’s default instead. For example, if you serve customers in the UK and France, you can set the bot to always start the conversation in French with customers accessing chat on your French domain.

Check out other aspects of Ada’s Multilingual functionality in the Ada Academy.

See it in action

Click on the Ada button in the bottom right corner to start a chat with Ada. Ada will start speaking with you in French. You will be able to switch the language back to English by selecting a language in the chat window settings or by typing something in English.

How to set it up

Step 1

Enable the desired language in your Ada dashboard via Settings > Bot Setup > Multilingual

Step 2

Use language in the window object to programatically set the bot’s default language:

ℹ️ When defining your bot’s default language use the language format codes from the ISO 639-1 language format.

  window.adaSettings = {
    language: "fr",

Step 3

Follow Ada’s technical Embed documentation to learn how to add Ada to your website.

Attached is the code snippet you need to paste into the <head> tag.

⚠️ Be sure to replace <YOUR-BOT-HANDLE> with your own bot handle. Your bot handle is your bot’s unique domain name:

📣Click here to learn how to load a bot on a non-US cluster.


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