Automatically Launch Chat

Automatically launch Ada chat upon opening a webpage

Available on:  Core | Advanced | Pro


You can set Ada chat to automatically launch chat once a customer opens a particular webpage.

For example, if you want to refer customers to Ada chat from a link in a support signature email or from a different website, you can link to a webpage where Ada is set to launch automatically.

See it in action

When you opened this page, Ada launched automatically. You can refresh the page to see it again.

As an example, here’s what your support team’s signature could look like. Clicking the hyperlinked text will take you to a page where Ada is embedded – in our example, it’ll reopen the page you’re on.

Your Customer Support team
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How to set it up

Step 1

Follow Ada’s technical Embed documentation to learn how to add Ada to your website.

Attached is the code snippet you need to paste into the <head> tag.

⚠️ Be sure to replace <YOUR-BOT-HANDLE> with your own bot handle. Your bot handle is your bot’s unique domain name:

📣Click here to learn how to load a bot on a non-US cluster.


Step 2

Use toggle to programmatically open the chat window:

  document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", () => {

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