Custom Button

Users can access the chat either by clicking on a custom button on your website or clicking the default Ada Chat button

Available on:  Core | Advanced | Pro


Give users more ways to interact with you while adding some brand flair.

You can create custom buttons such as “Chat Now” or “Launch Virtual Assistant” and place them on specific pages where you want users to be able to trigger the chat. This can either be a Contact Us page, or known places in the customer journey that typically trip people up.

Allowing users to trigger chat by clicking on either a custom button or the default Ada chat button reduces customer effort and makes brand interaction easier. If necessary, you can also choose to hide the default Ada chat button (see step 2 below).

See it in action

Click the “Open Chat” button to see how you can launch Ada from a custom button. You’ll notice that the standard Ada chat button will still be visible on the bottom right corner and available to click on as well.

How to set it up

Step 1

Follow Ada’s technical Embed documentation to learn how to add Ada to your website.

Attached is the code snippet you need to paste into the <head> tag.

⚠️ Be sure to replace <YOUR-BOT-HANDLE> with your own bot handle. Your bot handle is your bot’s unique domain name:

📣Click here to learn how to load a bot on a non-US cluster.


(Optional) Step 2

Follow this step if you want to hide the standard Ada chat button and have only custom buttons such as “Chat Now” or “Launch Virtual Assistant” visible on the page. If you want to keep both the custom and Ada chat buttons visible (recommended), skip this step and proceed to step 3.

<style type="text/css">
    display: none

Step 3

Use toggle to programmatically open and close the chat window.

<button onclick="window.adaEmbed.toggle()">Open chat</button>

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