Position the Chat on the Left

Launch the chat on the left side of the webpage.

Available on:  Core | Advanced | Pro


By default, the chat button and window appear on the bottom-right side of the webpage. We strongly recommend maintaining the default placing since that’s where left-to-right readers expect to find a chatbot.

However, you are able to place it on the left side if needed.

ℹ️ Any customizations with CSS are not recommended and are not supported by Ada. If you are using Proactive Campaigns, we do not recommend placing Ada on the left side because campaigns may not appear properly.

See it in action

Click on the Ada button in the bottom left corner to open the Ada chat.

How to set it up

Step 1

Follow Ada’s technical Embed documentation to learn how to add Ada to your website.

Attached is the code snippet you need to paste into the <head> tag.

⚠️ Be sure to replace <YOUR-BOT-HANDLE> with your own bot handle. Your bot handle is your bot’s unique domain name: https://yourbothandle.ada.support/.

📣Click here to learn how to load a bot on a non-US cluster.


Step 2

Update your adaSettings with the align property

<!-- should be above the script that loads embed2.js -->
  window.adaSettings = {
    align: "left"

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